My school is not as cool as you think,
But not as bad as u think aswell,
This school had a little casualties in the past which is quite disturbing, now i will tell you my worst paranormal experience.

I was about to go home from school but i forgot my book in our room which is on the third floor, all kids went home already, and teachers are at the faculty so i was alone when i went up,but was i alone?

I went up, as i went up i already had this disturbing feeling, a feel nobody wants to feel, i had goosebumps becuz i was so creeped out, and now i am in the third floor
As i walked to my classroom...i stopped on my tracks, i can hear breathing.

The breathing was not normal, and its impossible that it could come from someone since i was the only one in the third floor,alone and defenseless
The breathing was heavy, it sounded like someone is gasping for air so badly, i can hear it everywhere, i felt it in my neck, i ran as fast as i can to retrieve my book and down to the ground floor, i felt like i was chased away, and ever since that day i wouldnt go up alone, and then i told my classmates and my schoolmates,they knew too, the SCO's president and treasurer told their experience, they were all alone in the sco room which is on the third floor aswell and it was 6:00 in the morning, few students was on the ground floor, and they were the only ones in the thirs floor, and they heard it, coming from their right, they brushed it off because they knew what was happening,

And when i became a grade 8 student in the same school, the breathing is gone, but
Im afraid it will come back.

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Story is told by ImWatchinYou


Short Story
You love your room, but close your lights at night..


Is it still your room..


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