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Zoe walked through the woods to the bright sunshine that was far ahead. When she reached the lit up area, she realized what it was... A clearing in the middle of the woods. Well it was a clearing except in the center of the clearing there were about 10 tall pine trees. Zoe walked towards the trees. Zoe let down her guard, sat down against one of the trees, and put her pistols down beside her.

She was so tired. She began to doze off forgetting about the Devil Blood Games. 3 house later she woke up. 'OMG the DB games! I forgo- wait... How am I still alive? Has no one found me?! ' she thought. Then Zoe heard a girls beautiful voice singing by the trees where she lay up against. Zoe grabbed her pistols and stood up as fast as possible. She waited roughly 5 minutes waiting for the girl to approach her so Zoe could attack but no one came so Zoe decided to explore for herself. Into the few trees she went.

Zoe hid among the trees waiting to pounce and attack but reality had other plans. As Zoe was waiting for her plan to unravel Mina was slowly and silently walking up behind Zoe planning to jump scare her. Mina got closer and closer to Zoe then 'AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH' Mina screamed now resting on the forest ground with Zoe. Zoe didn't have time to say anything.

2 minutes passed of the girls fighting then Zoe reached over grabbed 1 of her pistols. Zie was holding Mina at gun point. Zoe told Mina to sit up against the nearest tree and put her hands by her sides. Mina did so. 'What are your last words?!' Zoe shrieked. Mina sat there her face so filled with emotion it looked as if she was already dead. 'To everyone I hurt, I'm sorry. To everyone I love/loved thank you for staying by my side, and to my friends and family stay awesome and continue on without me for I must go now.' Mina said loud and proud.

Then Zoe looked away in sadness and shot Mina right in the temple. Zoe regretted killing Mina but she knew she had to if she wanted to live herself. 'Dang I gotta stop asking people their final words... They always make me sad and regret killing them when they say them...' Zoe muttered. She sat down against a tree, gun by her side and pulled out notebook. She had a file on everyone she killed. Their name. Their age. Their final words. Etc.

Later, Zoe got up and started into the opposite side of the forest she came into the clearing from and exited. '3 down, 7 to go' Zoe sighed.

(Credited I give to Vanessa for wording this she did. Done this without you I couldn't.)

Cat, Dark, Riket, Dan, Mary, Zoe, or Destiney.

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