The next day:
I was at school, I just felt accompenied. Like someone was almost following me. I knew there was nothing there or i thought. I went to the toilet and as i washed my hand i gazed silently into the same type of hole that i saw...That "thing". Everytime i gazed more and more i could see a swirling abyss slowly eating my soul up. Were these visions? Were they meant to send me a message..? I didnt know. Was this even real. Or was i dreaming?
I went home a bit puzzled about this all...Just why? What even triggered this.
I told dad i was seeing things and ofc he didnt listen.
"Jim stop it was probably just you day dreaming again...Its getting stupid now."
"Dad! I'm no-"
"Jim stop." "Are you crazy? Go get rest we'll talk about this tommorow..."
Part 3? And ty for reading 💙

Story is told by čľļwķwăřđ


girl, every time i come back, yo ass gone

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Nice!! Looking forward for Part 3