It was 18th of January 2019 when we had our awarding. I didn't attend because you know, I had no award. So I went to school late eat breakfast at the back of our school. While reading some book, my shoulder felt heavy and it was hard to breathe. When the awarding finished I tried to tell my classmates that my shoulder felt heavy and it was harder to breath. But they didn't believe. They were so caught up on their awards. So I got my mini nebulizer and put it straight to my face. My feeling is still heavy but I tried to shrug it. While me and my friends were talking, I notice a figure behind the trees at the very back of our school. It was a kid. The height looks like a kid but the face. I can only explain the wrinkled skin, mouth smiling very wide showing its broken teeth, wide eyes. I very much notice the eyes and the details of it. It was a pentagram. I got creeped out of how it looks. And every time I came back to the back of the school where my TLE Drafting classroom is, I always see that same Figure.

Story is told by clarains15




Damn.... Creepy as hell!!