I had a daughter,
she had a cute laughter
I taught her to be tougher,
Her mother died when she was younger

She was very brave
She was something to save
She loved her father
Even if it made her suffer

If her father needs something
She will give that something
The father would never ask a dirty thing
She always knew what's happening

The father loved her so much
The daughter loved him more
They both are always in touch
They were inseparable as such

They were neither rich or poor
Love was what keeping them alive
Even if it meant to sleep in the floor
They can never love each other more

The father had no chair
The daughter gave her chair
She gave all her loved to her father
She would go farther

The daughter shared her things
The father gave his
They were as peaceful as trees
But her father is now lying in debris

She rushed him to the hospital
She was to young to be independent
It damaged her brain so dent
Now she needs no consent

The father was stuck in the hospital
She sold herself for money
She never felt sickly
She knew it was for her father who lost something dearly

The father was angry at her prostitution
The father felt pity for what happened
The daughter lost her mind
She needs to go to the institution

She loved him too much
Legless father
Because of a reckless driver
She was left broken forever

She came up to him
"Father i want to give a gift"
"I hope this would fit"
The father said ****

"Oh my lovely daughter..."
"What have you done"
"This is no pun"
The father felt slaughtered

"Whats wrong with this father"
"I love you thats why i went farther"
"I always wanted you to be happy"
"I am now all bloody"

"Please, accept my gift"
"I wanted you to walk again"
"This was alot of pain"
"Take my legs"
"I sliced these off for this day"

It started to rain

Story is told by ImWatchinYou


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