Authors Note:this isn't a true story or an urban legend.I thought of it.please comment your thoughts but don't be rude or I will report you.thank you😃

The story goes that a long long time ago in the swamps of Louisiana there lived a woman named Teki.Teki was beautiful and kind.but she had a dark side.she was reclusive and lived alone in a small shack in the swamp. She didn't like children.and because she was a recluse,the village people feared her and called her a witch.children would hunt for her shack and throw day,when some kids were at her shack throwing stones, Teki came outside and a rock hit her in the head.Teki was so mad she grabbed the child and threw him into a snake nest.the child was eaten alive.the villagers were so angry they stormed her shack and forced her into the snake nest.there they left her,screaming in agony as she was bitten.but the Devil decided to help Teki.he turned her into The Snake Woman.she had power over all snakes.she had a brownish-green snake tail,green snake eyes,a forked tongue, and wore a white fabric over her head.the legend goes that if you happen to be travelling alone in the swamp and see a woman who looks to be wearing religious clothing,that's actually The Snake have a chance to escape if she doesn't turn around.but if she does,her eyes will paralyze you and she will drag you to her snake nest and feed you to the snakes. Beware The Snake Woman.

Story is told by Black Cat


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