I'm scared,
I'm alone,
I have a feeling,
I'm on my own,

Don't need nobody,
My thoughts are all cloudy,
Don't know what I feel,
Don't know what I need,

I sense a presence,
It's taking over me,
I'm losing my mind,
I don't think I'll be fine,

It feels so weird,
All the things that I feared,
Have gotten me in a trance,
I don't know what to do,

I'm losing myself,
I can't feel,
No guilt, no remorse, no pain, nothing,
Nothing at all,

I've gotten rid of a fair few,
As long as I can remember,
It's the cold month of November,
The blood is on my hands,

I pick up the knife,
With that crazy as hell smile,
Of a maniac,
I take a step forward,

It's time to meet your fate,
As everyone will,
I'll be reaching you any minute now,
So watch out,

There will be more blood,
In the cold November month..

(Hi guys! I wrote this poem myself so please tell me what you think of it in the comments! And no.. this has nothing do with my real life..I'm perfectly happy and fine :-)!)

Story is told by Passion

Ghost girl 78

That was good


Okayy..thnx ig..


I picked boring but really good


Thanks shachi


Nice poem, I liked it.


I think I will be posting another one pretty soon


Haha thanks lynn

WitchCraft 101

Awesome, I would love to see more poems from you Zoe. like daaaayyyuuummm


Tysm ami! :-)


Awesome zoe, good work