Horror aint rly my thing tho I LOVE WRITING...but ya ik this one's not THAT good but yah ..give it a try! Xox


That night was comparatively quiter than the usual chitter chatter and hustle and bustle of a huge and posh city like LA. Although, it was raining like hell. Thunder rolled outside and bolts of lightning flashed in the sky illuminating the landscape minute after minute. I was sitting in the living room of my new apartment. Large cartons still sat unpacked as i gazed at them and sighed. Another entire day of opening boxes and sorting stuff....i wondered smugly.

Ding. Dong. ...I suddenly snapped out of my thoughts and almost dropped the TV controller from my hand. It was just the chime of the grandfather clock towering above me .....Whew!!! Calm down woman ..i thought to myself.. It continued to rain outside and I could hear the drip and tip of water as it glided down the roofs of houses ferociously. I turned the TV on and switched to the Weather channel. *"weather forecast claims that the storm would continue for couple more days....."
I picked a glass of water from the table.
"* risks of flooding increases as the storm hits the country"*, the headlines flashed on the screen. Just as I put the glass back, there was a huge BOOM of an explosion as the electricity went down. Sparks flew out of the socket of the TV. I was surrounded in complete dense darkness. My adrenaline shooted.
oh my GOD! no!!! I thght to myself. Darkness is probably the only thing i am afraid of. My breathing and heart rate increased drastically. I searched around for my phone...oh ****!!!! i realized it was still on the kitchen counter where i left it earlier. Still reminiscing over this fact i felt a slight brush at the side of my hand... ...Then. Dead silence. Suddenly, some thing shifted at the corner of the room. My blood froze. I frantically inched back and huddled in the corner of the sofa, my eyes shut tight and my hands sweating heavily. "No no no pls God! Pls no Save me save me." I was shivering as I prayed in my heart.
....Mintues ticked by.... I dont know how for much time i sat there in that position exactly, but after a while, i felt that the danger had passed. I instantly had a flashback of little things that happened when i first came to visit the apartment,...how the garden swing creaked heavily that day but i ignored it merely blaming it on the wind, which I now realize, was non-existent that day. I also was reminded of yesterday, when my car keys just mysteriously vanished and i found them in the attic. All these things were starting to make sense and every single one shouted the same thing "SoMe tHing iS wrOng"..........
The electricity erupted back, the light flashing too bright in my eyes after the long and dense darkness.....i felt dizzy from my thoughts and i dozed off then and there on the sofa.
Weeks passed by. Everything was going quite normal, infact great!

Ryan finally asked me out, I smiled like an idiot just on this thought as I stood outside my house, one evening, fiddling with the door keys. Just as I stepped inside, a piece of paper appeared out of nowhere, swaying the air. I picked it up just at it landed in my feet. It was yellow at the corners and looked very ancient... Something was written on it in bold black letters. My heart stopped as I read it, the words sinking in, making every cell in my body shiver from fear......
There it was,
"Welcome HOMe :)!"
The END!!!

Story is told by emnn56