We arrived at the two story white house with light blue shutters on the windows and a darker Navy blue door at the front of this house. I audibly let out a sigh and walked up the 3 steps dragging my bags behind me. My hand reached for the doorbell and looked back at my brother, my eyes looking into his as if to silently get across we can still sneak away. He rolled his eyes and pushed my hand out of the way and i listened to the song of the doorbell sound throughout the house. The door opened a few moments the handle to the door twisted and the familiar faces of my grandparents stood there in front of us smiling wide. I smiled back as they shuffled us into there home and smothered us with hugs, like i said my relationship with my grandparents wasn't a bad one.
After we had gotten settled in the upstairs bedroom we both came back downstairs greeted again by those smiling wrinkled old faces.
"I hope you don't mind sharing a room."
my grandfather said looking at the two of us, i didn't want to upset him but the last time i had been here they defiantly had more than one spare bedroom. I cleared my throat and gazed up the stairs
" the bedrooms fine, but i thought there were 3 bedrooms upstairs?"
I had phrased it as a question. As i looked back I saw that my grandparents smiles had both faded and I wished that i hadn't asked the question in the fist place.
"Well yea we did"
my grandfather started his eyes looking up the stairs and then back to my brother and I
" We didn't know we would be needing the other one so use it as a storage room now"
my grandmother finished up his thought, finishing up with a returning smile and a small laugh.
" We are actually glad you brought it up, see there's quite a bit of stuff in there and a lot of it is fragile and we have put a lock on it so nothing gets broken"
My grandmother paused a moment in her thought
" Just in case you two wondered why there was a locked door up there"
I smiled back at them, i shouldn't have asked it clearly made them uncomfortable, as well as it made me. Who cared if they secretly horded things, they were old they had accumulated a lot of things over there lifetime and it was smart, they weren't using that room. I shook the odd feeling of anting to sneak into the room and see the stuff for myself and headed outside. It was summer after all and i was going to enjoy the sun while i could.

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Story is told by CroaTony