There was a girl named Black Moon.

She loved all her friends, her family, and God. She had a sweet and kind-hearted personality, along with being helpful for other people. Her life was doing good and almost everything was positive in her sights.

She did have her own dark side follow her wherever she goes. The negative thoughts haunting her as she goes insane. She would get sad and angry, they act completely different them her good self.

That wouldn't stop her from being a good person. She couldn't allow that. She wants to he a really happy person, and be a good friend to anyone she met with the same interests as her.

She was a joyful person. Her life was wonderful most of the time.

She was a great girl...

But that all changed one night.

8:24 PM *The Full Moon can be seen, rising. As young Black Moon is sitting outside her house.*

*sniffs* I can't believe they would say that about me... I don't even know them... but why does that matter..?

*she looks to the Moon with tears rolling down her face*

Is this all true..? Why did this have to happen...? Why me...

*she puts her face into her hands and cries louder*

The tears couldn't stop rolling down her face that night. She kept crying for a while...

But suddenly..

*She uncovers her fave, the tears stopped, and her frown turned into a scary smile*

*She stands up* You know what? Who cares what they say... I'm not their puppet. Perhaps, I came control them if I wanted to.

*her smile widens* Once my enemies will see me, I hope they run and scream. Regretting that moment... Run... run... run..!

*she started to laugh like a creepy little girl, the laugh getting louder and creepier by the minute*


*she looked to the Moon and walked off, her friends knew that she was outside. But they didn't know her plans*

*Her shadow was casted by the Moonlight, as she walked to the nearby forest that sat quietly*

*staring at the ground* So... who is my first victim tonight...?

*She suddenly heard a loud footsteps nearby*

Huh... who's there...?

(Should I make a part 2?)

Story is told by Black Moon

Black Moon



Awesome moooonie!!!!

Cas-tor Oil

This.. is....AwEsOmE. part 2 definitely

Cas-tor Oil

This.. is....AwEsOmE. part 2 definitely