A tourist visits a place called 'Kitas'. Its a leftover ruin of some temple. People often visit it. Not much is left of the place, and a strange musty smell hangs over it. After he's seen all there is to see (or not to see), he notices that further behind the temple, the mountains encompassing the ruins have caves leading into them.

He is surprised he hadnt noticed them before, while he was sightseeing. He also notices, that the people visiting the site are giving the surrounding mountains and the caves a wide berth. This piques his curiosity. He asks the locals about the caves, and the reason why no one seemed willing enough to give them a visit. The locals didnt seem all too keen to talk about the caves, but after a bit of pushing, they admitted that the place emitted bad vibes, that there was bad luck lingering around the place. They tell him not to go wandering into the caves, and that it would be in his best interests to just avoid it like everybody else did.

The tourist however was a curious fellow. After making sure no one was watching him, he made his silent way towards the caves and entered them. A cold and stale air hit him as soon as he stepped into the cave. A feeling of dread and excitement settles over him. He ventures further into the cave, and the more further and deeper in he goes, the darker it gets. He keeps up a steady pace, but doesnt really see anything interesting. It has gotten dark enough, that he really shouldnt have been able to see anything at this point, but due to some unseen, unknown miracle, the tourist has no problem making out even the tiniest of the details around him. He can see everything, the walls, the ground, even the roof. As he advances further, he turns a corner, and thats when the smell hits him.

The powerful smell of rot and decay hits him so hard, he almosts takes a step back, hesitating, silently debating whether he should really go onwards or go back the way he came. Gagging on the smell, he decides to go on anyways.

After walking a bit more, he is met by a horrifying sight. It is enough to make his eyes go wide with shock. A pile of bodies, and rotting corpses, piled high on top of one another, stacked to the ceiling are laid before him. He squints his eyes and sees how the corpses vary from very old skeletal remains to those with the flesh still in the process of decay, topped with those that look fresh and new as compared to those beneath it.

The tourist stands in silence for a moment staring at the horror before him. Suddenly he feels excited. All his previous dread is overcome with nonstop excitement. He questions himself why, when he should clearly be feeling fear, does he feel excitement?

As if in answer to his question, wave upon wave of flashback hits him. The flood of forgotten memories overwhelms him. He staggers and sways a bit as the full realisation of his current situation hits him. His face slowly breaks into a big grin, and he lets out a loud laugh. He knows now. He remembers it all, as if he had never forgotten it to begin with.

He is no tourist. He is the real monster of Kitas, the one they all fear. Those bodies are are his victims. These caves are his domain and territory. The smell that gagged him moments ago was now a welcome pleasure. The mountain of bodies before him made his mouth water. It was soon time for his dinner.

But the daylight? Well that seems to be his only weakness, as everytime he stepped out into broad daylight, he forgot his very purpose, or who he was and everything about himself. It wasnt until he was back in these caves, that he would remember who he was, and what he had gone out to do.

This reminded him. He had gone out to hunt late last night. At least he had thought it was nighttime. It was hard to keep track of time in these caves. He had mistaken the time, and before he knew it, he was some ordinary tourist out in broad daylight.

He hears footsteps behind him, and feels a rush of excitement. He whips around and sees one of the locals he had questioned about the caves earlier.

Clearly, this local had followed him here all this way. He was carrying a torch with him to light his way. 'Brave of him to come this far in when he was the one who told me to stay away from these caves', the monster thought to himself.

'I warned you not to go wandering....', the local's voice trails off as the light of the torch he's carrying and his eyes settle on the mound of decaying bodies before him. He gags and staggers backwards. He tries to speak, but the smell is from the corpses is so overpowering, that he throws up all over the cave floor.
The man who had been playing tourist just seconds ago smiles broadly at him. 'Like my collection?', he says casually gesturing towards the bodies behind him, 'I was just getting hungry anyway, and the thought of waiting for the night to come is just agony, but you just walked in here following me like a fool. I must thank you. Thankyou for making my job easier for me. Now I wont have to go out hunting tonight'.

And he pounced, letting the man's screams carry on the wind throughout the caves and outside them. And to any who heard the screams outside, this would be the warning sign that kept people away from his caves at all times.

Story is told by MK.