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I ran. He followed. He's fast. "Uhh... Izzy wants to fight!"
"No I don't!"
"I've been the fighter this whole time. Your turn."
She kicked him, and it damaged him. Alot... "I thought you were human!" I said, exited.
"Well... Half-human. My father was a demon, but I don't tell people that because it makes people hate me." She responded.
She punched him. Kicked him. Slapped him. Basically, she beat the crap out of him. He was unconscious! We ran, and found the doctor. He was trying to survive in his cage. We pulled him out and saw a white light. Being the idiots that we are, we walked towards it. It was a monster. Izzy demolished it. We then found a gun and shot it at a wall because... I don't really know why we did it, but it made a portal and we went it sent everyone to their home planet, which for Izzy apparently was Zorkerberg because she was hiding from the humans that hated demons. I gave Izzy a medal, the doctor went back to work, and then it was back to normal.

For now... Actually no because I'm not continuing this series. Eight parts it enough.

The end.

Story is told by TT-310 >:-)

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