It’s been a while, but I couldn’t find this app after I got a new phone till now! THIS IS ALL TRUE! Experiences from my whole family! So, my whole family believes in ghost.. mainly because we have all had experiences and because my mom is a sensitive (like a medium, but all sensitives can do it feel a presence). Recently we have had more experiences in our house, and I thought I might share them (going the small things to the more frightening things). Recently I started playing piano, so I got a keyboard for Christmas! And I swear every time I play, the whole right of my arm turns to ice. Not that bad, but it’s still freaking because it’s EVERY TIME I play. We also noticed that doors open and close around the house, and they just started opening on their own right in front of us. We have tried explaining this, but it couldn’t be wind, or a draft because the door knob literally turns! This one could be counted as a coincidence, but based on some studies if you wake up around 2-3 unexplainably Then that could mean you are being stared at while your sleeping. I looked this up because I’ve done that every since we moved here (happening more frequently as time goes on). I also didn’t really have scary dreams after 5th grade, until I moved to this house. But one time, I had some dreams and when I woke up, my stand up closet just fell over. It probably doesn’t seem bad, but it was the middle of the night and it had no reason to fall! I also have paintings of mine that fall off my walls at night and wake me up, and things just randomly fall now! It may not seem scary to you, but it is to me! Sorry guys this was a long one, but there was so much I wanted to say and I still have 2 more stories to give you! Comment below if you wanna hear “my nightmare story’s are reality” or if you wanna hear “my moms and my evp story”!

Story is told by maggie