Oh, thank Devil she's gone. For a while there, I thought I was a goner. Well, I survived another night. Yay me, I guess.


Okay, this is actually kind of funny. She still can't see me! What an idiot, am I right? If I can just stab her in her neck, I can leave. Looks like--- oh crap, gotta hide again.


Oh no, I don't think she left. I heard some rustles from the storeroom. I need help from Him, I don't wanna die yet!


Wtf is she doing? She's sitting in the middle of a huge Pentagram and chanting. She has-she has a freaking baby in front of her. Is she some sort of witch or something?


Oh, phew, He heard my calls. Now, I just need to sacrifice this baby at exactly 3 am. Until then, I need to keep on chanting.


I got a bad feeling about this. She's probably some sort of witch. The prick is still chanting like crazy. I need leave right now.


I raised the machete and stabbed the baby in his heart. The sacrifice has been made and I now have to wait for Him to accept it.


I'm out. I'm just gonna sneak out the back door. Okay, I can kill adults and watch them die. But babies? That's too much. I was about to sneak out, when a raspy deep voice behind me said---


I slowly turned around and---

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Story is told by Cass






Awesome cas... Part two!!!


Everytime I read my stories, I seriously can't help cringing lol