The Crowman is an urban legend from the UK. It tells of a mysterious old man with a hooked nose, dark grey eyes, pointed ears, claw like hands, and a mouthful of broken teeth. He also wears Victorian era clothes and carries a long stick with a lantern on it.

Why do they call him the Crowman you ask? Well it is because he is always followed by a large flock of crows. They are his minions and they'll obey his every command. So it is common knowledge that he is in the area when there are large flocks of crows.

It is also said that he can transform into a giant crow himself. And that his laugh resembles a crow's squark.

The Crowman likes to wonder around during the hours of darkness. His favourite hangouts are lonely streets, unlit alleyways, and dark countryside paths. During the daytime, he hides in caves, hollow trees, underground tunnles, and abandoned buildings. Where he will sleep until dusk.

If you happen to come across him, it is important to say hello and let him pass by. But don't be rude or attempt to evoke him. For if you do, he will turn you into a crow and you'll be forced to join the other crows for all eternity.

No one knows about his origins. Some say that he is an immortal spirit of evil and darkness. Others say that he was once a great magician that managed to master black magic. And as a punishment, was made to wonder the Earth for all time.

So if you go outside during night time, always be aware of where you are. Cause you might never know who or what you might run into.

Story is told by Gary Matrix